Barron’s Highlights New Implementation Platform from TIIP

Barron’s Penta profiled TIIP’s new platform, SAIL (Systems Aware Investing Launchpad), highlighting how investors are using the tool to support their adoption and implementation of system-level investing strategies.

The article outlines the increasing tendencies for advisors and institutional investors to incorporate social and environmental considerations into their investment approaches, but highlights how these more-standard ESG strategies will not be enough to prevent the worst effects of market-spanning crises like climate change or income inequality.

Penta features SAIL as a resource for investors to use to support them in adopting bolder targets and focus on investment strategies that promote the health and well-being of our essential social and environmental systems. The article features interviews with Meredith Miller, Managing Partner of Corporate Governance and Sustainable Strategies LLC (and a member of TIIP’s Advisory Council), as well Shannon O’Leary, CIO at St. Paul Minnesota Foundation, to show how they are using SAIL to put system-level investing into action.

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