The plug-and-play solution for system-level investing.
TIIP has begun to develop the Systems Aware Investing Launchpad (SAIL), a “one-stop shop” for answers to fundamental questions about system-level investing and for practical system-level investing implementation support and tools. SAIL is comprised of two unique components: a plug-and-play solution investors can use to chart their course to become a system-level investor and a community of practice aimed at driving broader industry transformation.

Launchpad is a first-of-its-kind, web-based, plug-and-play solution that guides investors in launching or refining their system-level investing approaches. It equips investors with the knowledge and tools to prepare to adopt system-level investing, position themselves to influence change, and pursue any number of activities to bring that change to fruition. SAIL’s Launchpad offers a framework for investors to decide which facet(s) of systemic issues to focus on and which tactics and strategies to deploy.

To do this, Launchpad outlines a 6-step process for investors to engage in system-level investing and shows them how to integrate system-level investing into conventional activities like RFPs, Statements of Investment Beliefs, targeted investment programs, shareholder engagement activities, and manager due diligence. SAIL also guides investors on how to leverage advanced techniques specifically designed to achieve influence at a system-level and that stress collaborative action, building shared knowledge bases, setting industry standards, calling attention to public policy debates about governmental rules and regulations, and creating a rising tide of investment opportunities for all investors.


TIIP’s Community of Practice (CoPractice) provides *the* clearinghouse of information and support related to system-level investing, helping investors to:

  • Establish a shared vision of system-level investing and engagement
  • Identify system-level investing examples
  • Provide periodic assessments of where the investor community is in terms of knowledge base, collaboration, and differences in engagement versus investment strategies
  • Discuss gaps/hurdles that can be addressed through TIIP and other providers of resources, insights, and support
  • Identify key events and developments that investors can prepare for to elevate system-level investing
  • Avoid working at cross-purposes 

The CoPractice also provides a forum for connecting investors with their peers to exchange ideas, lessons learned and raise issues and questions via:

  • Dedicated Slack Community: The real-time messaging app offers a forum for like-minded professionals interested in system-level investing to find and share resources one-on-one, in a closed group, or to the entire community through curated “channels”
  • Convenings: Opportunities for subscribers to attend events hosted by others in the CoPractice as well as publicize relevant gatherings with this community
  • Learning Labs: Virtual and in-person, interactive education and training sessions focused on pre-determined system-level topics that include sequential, reinforcing segments: topic overview, facilitated breakout discussions, ‘report out’ of discussion insights, and group Q&A
To learn more, please contact TIIP at [email protected]