TIIP develops insights, strategies and tools for pursuing system-level investing.


Strategies and Support

The principals at TIIP have advised pension funds, investment management firms, private foundations and endowments, government agencies and major industry associations to establish and implement impact and investment goals to tackle system-level issues as well as conduct applied research to drive industry transformation. These services include:

  • Developing strategies for system-level and sustainable investing programs.
  • Creating research and other thought leadership in partnership with foundations and other industry leaders to catalyze system-level investing adoption.
  • Supporting investors and associations to increase their awareness of system-level issues and their competencies around implementing system-level investing strategies.
  • Creating market maps and issue briefs to help clients determine market positioning and identify the best and most efficient methods to achieve growth.
  • Delivering keynote speeches and other bespoke training for boards and trustees on system-level investing and other sustainable investing issues.
  • Establishing a Statement of Investment Beliefs (SIBs) that reinforce a funds’ commitment to solving system-level challenges.
  • Conducting searches for qualified investment advisors, including developing necessary qualifications.

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Domini Impact Investments

Since 2017, TIIP has supported the efforts of Domini Impact Investments (a pioneering US sustainable investment leader) to design and pilot a system-level investing program. This effort has included helping Domini to develop investment beliefs statements, clarify its investment philosophy as it relates to systemic challenges, and identify focus areas and ways to generate positive influence. Domini published Shifting the Investment Paradigm: Domini’s System Project in 2018 and begun to discuss its system-level investing practice in its annual reports (e.g., 2020 Domini Impact Report).

Covid-19 and System-Level Investing

In 2020, Humanity United (a foundation affiliated with the Omidyar Group) hired TIIP to examine why and how the Covid-19 pandemic impacted capital markets and to recommend ways to create greater resiliency within the financial markets by solving social problems. The resulting report examines the root causes of the social, financial, and economic devastation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic; illustrates why and how vulnerable social systems pose material risks to investment and investors; and outlines the path forward for policymakers, regulators, and investors.

Fidelity Labs

Over the course of Fall 2019 and Winter 2020, Fidelity Labs and TIIP co-hosted educational events for financial advisors from across the country focused on teaching them about the what, why, and how of sustainable investing as outlined in our guide Fundamentals of Sustainable Investment: A guide for financial advisors. TIIP continued the partnership with Fidelity to equip financial advisors to respond to increasing customer demand for the practice, creating foundational content and issue briefs on select themes and topics of interest to sustainable investors.

Sasakawa Peace Foundation (SPF)

On behalf of SPF, TIIP explored why Japan trails its major economy peers in sustainable investing. After gathering insights from over 50 experts, we created an Agenda for Action that recommends four overarching ways that industry leaders in Japan can encourage widespread adoption of sustainable investing: increasing awareness of sustainable investing; dispelling myths and disseminating facts about sustainable investing; connecting investors to practical guidance and resources for sustainable investing; and coordinating and enhancing government efforts to support sustainable investing.

Handbook on System-Level Investing

Implementing system-level investing strategies require adjustments to the investment belief statement, investment policy statement, and other policies and procedures.We are working with partners — including The Predistribution Initiative (PDI), as well as leading advisors such as Jon Lukomnik and Keith Johnson — to develop investment government template documents that would enable institutional investors to adjust their practices.