Fundamentals of Sustainable Investment

In a recently published article, Bob Dannhauser, a contributor to, highlighted TIIP’s newest contribution to the world of financial advisors.

From the article:

“The Money Management Institute’s publication of “Fundamentals of Sustainable Investment: A Guide for Financial Advisors” , authored by Bill Burckart and Jessica Ziegler of the non-profit The Investment Integration Project in consultation with a broad spectrum of wealth managers and investment professionals, is a very welcomed addition to the financial advisors’ toolkit. The guide takes a very pragmatic approach to equipping wealth management practitioners with the background they need to make sense of a still-evolving spectrum of ESG products designed for individual investors.

“It addresses pervasive industry myths about sustainable investing, disentangles the complicated web of vocabulary used to describe the approach, and provides practical recommendations on how to help clients reach their sustainable investing goals.

“The Guide offers the benefit of ideas that have been used in the field by advisors with success, to make sustainable investment strategies a more natural part of inquiry around client goals and objectives.

Sustainable investing is poised to be increasingly important to emerging stewards of wealth, and the Guide is an excellent resource to prepare advisors to be market ready quickly.”


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