Future Returns: Moving From Sustainable Investing to Systems Change


TIIP’s work was featured in an article about the system-level investing movement on Barron’s PENTA. TIIP’s Founder and CEO Steve Lydenberg and TIIP’s President and COO William Burckart were both interviewed for the article.

Both Burckart and Lydenberg began to think that “there had to be a better way to do this,” Burckart says. They came to understand that the health of big societal, environmental, and financial systems affects long-term investment performance, and vice versa, “that the decisions of investors, individually and collectively, have an impact on the health of these overarching systems,” Burckart says.

“Until we start to understand the feedback loops between investors in these systems, we really won’t be able to drive that transformational change that we’re looking for, that ultimately results in more resilient, more stable systems,” he says.

Read the full article here.

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