July 2016 Convening at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

fed-bank-san-fran-july-2016The purpose of the July 27, 2016 convening—which followed a similar meeting we held during the Fall of 2015 at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston —was to:

(a) deepen understanding of important and previously-introduced systems-level frameworks;
(b) understand the relationship of systems-level framework language to the language and theory of related “on-ramps” to systems-level thinking like universal ownership, long-term investing, impact investing, and stewardship; and
(c) identify some of the most useful needed research tools that would facilitate the implementation of these theories.

To be as inclusive as possible of different viewpoints and styles of investment, we were pleased to have at the table a variety of financial-industry actors who are thinking about these issues—large asset owners with broad mandates, large asset managers with a variety of clients, small specialists in SRI, impact investors with specialized focus, pension funds, endowments, mutual funds, family wealth managers and government agencies, as well as key players in research and field building.

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