New Book from TIIP Ambassador Jon Lukomnik: What They Do With Your Money


TIIP is excited to feature the work of Jon Lukomnik, a TIIP ambassador and the executive director of the Investor Responsibility Research Center, and his fellow authors Stephen Davis and David Pitt-Watson with their new book What They Do With Your Money: How the Financial System Fails Us and How to Fix It (Yale University Press).

“For those wishing to know what’s right with our financial system and how it can go wrong—or what’s wrong with it and how it can be set right, this is the book for you. Its return to common sense and the basics of finance is refreshing in a world too often characterized by obfuscation and complexity. Clear, concise, sensible, and incontrovertible.”– Steve Lydenberg, Founder and CEO of The Investment Integration Project

From Amazon: “In their previous prizewinning book, The New Capitalists, the authors demonstrated how ordinary people are working together to demand accountability from even the most powerful corporations. Here they explain how a tyranny of errant expertise, naive regulation, and a misreading of economics combine to impose a huge stealth tax on our savings and our economies. More important, the trio lay out an agenda for curtailing the misalignments that allow the financial industry to profit at our expense. With our financial future at stake, this is a book that analysts, economists, policy makers, and anyone with a retirement nest egg can’t afford to ignore.”

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