Op-ed on “Measuring Effectiveness” in Harvard Law School Forum

From the op-ed: “As responsible investment in its various forms makes increasing inroads into the investment community, the question of how such investors set their goals and measure their progress toward these goals is of ever greater importance.

“As to their financial goals, the answer is relatively clear: traditional investors integrating environmental, social and governance concerns into the security selection are seeking either competitive or enhanced returns, while investors with a philanthropic mission may be willing to accept concessionary returns or combine conventional investments with philanthropic activities.

“But what about their social and environment goals? Aside from vague statements about “doing good while doing well” or “investing in a better world,” how clearly have investors delineated their specific goals? And what metrics do they have to measure their progress toward these goals? Equally important, as increasing numbers enter the field what benchmarks can help answer the question: who is or is not doing an effective job?” Read more

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