Report Details Two-Year Initiative to Pioneer Approach to Influencing the Stability of Environmental, Social, and Financial Systems

Domini Impact Investments, a leading impact investing firm, has just released a report detailing their development of system level approaches to managing the world’s greatest sustainability challenges. Read the full report here.

The report details the theory and genesis of this project, and the work that Domini carried out to improve system outcomes in eight areas of concern. In each of the issue areas Domini teams analyzed, they found that risk and unsustainable outcomes are driven by the system-level market paradigm. The paradigm’s focus on short-term wealth extraction is driving destructive behaviors that undermine investors’ long-term financial sustainability by undermining environmental and social systems.
webinar on the report findings and the implications of systemic approaches for investors will take place tomorrow, Tuesday, December 11 at 2 PM EST, and include a panel discussion with Rob Ricigliano of The Omidyar Group, Jon Lukomnik of Sinclair Capital and the Investor Responsibility Research Center Institute (IRRCi), Carole Laible, CEO of Domini, and Steve Lydenberg, Partner for Strategic Vision at Domini, and Founder and CEO of the Investment Integration Project (TIIP). Register here.
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