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TIIP and Surdna Foundation Join Forces to Help Investors Adopt Innovative Techniques to Address Global Systemic Challenges

Today the Investment Integration Project (TIIP) and the Surdna Foundation announced a collaborative partnership to help investors deliberately address systemic risks like climate change and income inequality and seize opportunities inherent in increased social justice and resilient ecosystems. Central to the collaborative is TIIP’s Systems Aware Investing Launchpad (SAIL), an all-encompassing investment information platform for investors seeking to better address social and environmental risks and achieve greater impact.

Previously, investors could find ways to insulate their portfolios from certain global events. Today, even seemingly “local” events can immediately and adversely affect all portfolios. The largest, most influential investors are recognizing this trend and considering the interconnection between planetary and societal systems under stress and adverse portfolio performance. These investors are pioneering policies and practices that are additive to traditional investment scrutiny at the security and portfolio levels, helping them to confront global environmental and social systemic challenges in a way that makes financial sense. These pension funds, foundations and endowments, family offices and others are charting the next, critical shift in the evolution of investment, and SAIL helps other investors join them.

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MarketWatch: Risk-management tools aren’t equipped for climate change and other systemic shocks

Writing in MarketWatch, TIIP CEO William Burckart explores the SEC’s attempts to combat greenwashing and establish standards for ESG disclosure. The SEC, Burckart argues, should go beyond existing proposed rules and recognize the need for investors to consider broader systemic social risks when making investment decisions and determining investment approaches, in the same way they are requiring data disclosure on climate change.

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Colorful Capital and Make Justice Normal

CEO William Burckart and Managing Director Monqiue Aiken have made important contributions to the investing field in addition to leading and managing TIIP.

Burckart launched Colorful Capital last month along with Kellogg School of Management Professor Megan Kasher to reduce barriers to capital for LGBTQ+ community members. Color Capital will offer support to enterprises run by members of this community and fill financing gaps.

Make Justice Normal, co-founded by Aiken, is a collective of professionals in the investing industry working to move capital towards justice. The collective works to change narratives leading to toxic biases that move capital toward injustice and cause serious harm to people and the planet.

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