Your plug-and-play solution for system-level investing.

TIIP’s Turnkey Solution

TIIP’s Turnkey Solution is the first-of-its-kind, plug-and-play solution for system-level investing. The subscription based Turnkey Solution provides the roadmap for how to take action to manage select systemic risks. The program consists of a ready-to-go set of online operational materials and collaborative opportunities that will jumpstart your initiatives to meet this critical moment. As a proactive leader, we know you need to stay on the cutting edge of financial market evolution. The Turnkey Solution provides you with the tools to do just that.

The program is designed to be integrated into conventional portfolio risk management practices and function as a supplement to them. For those investors that already have ESG integration or sustainability processes in place, this program will be a natural extension.

Why this? Why now?

TIIP’s Turnkey Solution

TIIP’s Turnkey Solution helps institutional investors meet this moment and manage select systemic risks. The program consists of a ready-to-go set of operational materials, services, and collaborative opportunities that will jumpstart initiatives in this area. The program provides investors with resources and support that cover:

  • Rationales for integrating a systemic approach for select issues of overarching importance;
  • Justification for considering such issues; and
  • Background on the history and current state of select systemic issues and their impact.
  • Mapping of the system dynamics that are currently producing undesirable outcomes for select systemic issues and countervailing maps of systems that can generate positive results; and
  • Leverage points and themes within the systems generating risks upon which investors can apply pressure to reduce systemic risks and enhance investment opportunities.
  • Details on how conventional portfolio management tools can be extended to have impact at these system-level leverage points and examples of how investors are already doing so;
  • Background on advanced techniques for managing systemic risks in general, along with examples of their current application with regard to select systemic issues;
  • Metrics for measuring progress toward addressing the challenges of select systemic issues generally and for assessing investors’ contributions to that progress;
  • Reporting formats for documenting investors activities with regard to select systemic issues; and
  • Access to resources and potential partners or consultants that can provide additional assistance when needed.

The program provides a plug-and-play solution to the task of starting up an internal program that can manage the systemic-risks of select systemic issues. Per Figure 1, it provides detailed guidance (and templates) for integrating a system-level focus across the investment process, including:

  1. Goal setting;
  2. Deciding where to focus;
  3. incorporating a systems’ lens into asset allocation;
  4. extending traditional investment tools to a system level;
  5. making use of techniques focused on building the field, enhancing investments, and generating opportunities specifically designed to exercise influence at the system level; and
  6. measuring and evaluating the results of these efforts.
Figure 1

Learn More and Get Involved

TIIP’s subscription based Turnkey Solution is currently in beta and is available for demo to interested investors. The initial focus of the program will be on the systemic issue of income inequality, but others are under development behind it. TIIP will launch the Turnkey Solution in the Fall of 2021 with an initial cohort of early adopters.

Contact William Burckart, TIIP’s President, at [email protected] to learn more.