SAIL Goes Live for Subscribers June 1

We are excited to announce that in just a few weeks, the Systems Aware Investing Launchpad (SAIL) platform will go live for subscribers!

SAIL is TIIP’s “one-stop shop” for answers to fundamental questions about system-level investing and for practical system-level investing implementation support and tools. SAIL has three unique components:




  • A strategic planning tool that equips investors to develop institutional policies, investment belief statements, programs, products and procedures to chart their course to become a system-level investor;



  • A community of practice aimed at driving broader industry collaboration, coordination and transformation; and


  • A customizable database that supports deep due diligence to help investors manage their managers, providing insight and comparisons into which of their managers, and others in the public dataset, are utilizing system-level investing techniques (in addition to sustainable and/or impact investing strategies), and how a manager is progressing over time.

We have been rigorously beta testing SAIL for the past several months and are excited to be opening it up to subscribers on June 1. There are three ways to get access:

  • Become a subscriber: Reach out to use if you would like to join SAIL as an early adopter. We are currently offering a discounted, pro-rated subscription rate during this pre-sale time period.
  • Join the inaugural cohort: TIIP is recruiting a pilot cohort of investors to help them use the SAIL resources, including the Community of Practice (CoPractice), and implement the tools and guidance from the platform. We have one slot left for this highly curated group.
  • Sign up for the CoPractice: The community of practice component of SAIL will always be free and is launching July 1.

If you are interested in joining SAIL in one of these three ways, please contact TIIP at [email protected].

If you want to learn more about SAIL and industry momentum for system-level investing, watch the recording of our recent event on April 18, “Introducing the Next Evolution in Finance: System-level Investing”.

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